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How can you become better at conflict? Practice, Practice, Practice! Learn what steps you can take today to build your skills and manage conflict like a pro.


Learn more about the interplay between burnout and conflict resolution, and what steps you can take to create a healthy environment that promotes engagement.

Building Healthy Communities through Constructive Dialogue

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07th Mar 2014


There is power in practice!

“Practice is where we can break through the illusions of perfectionism and control as we learn to become present to our own wisdom during moments in which others find it...


+Conflict Resolution

13th Nov 2013


Is tolerance fueling your conflict?

This may seem like a silly question, but it has big implications on our goal of engaging in conflict mindfully. If we choose to tolerate another individual, then we water...


+Conflict Resolution

06th Nov 2013


Are you being clever or wise in conflict?

In recent years, concerned wordsmiths have been fretting over the growing list of words that are losing their original meanings and taking on new ones (here is a short list for...


+Conflict Resolution

30th Oct 2013


Just let go of the conflict

Here is a great story that the poet and zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh, tells from time to time: A young widower, who loved his five-year-old son very much, was...



24th Oct 2013


What are you sharing?

The other morning while eating my oats, a horrific story came on the news about a tragedy involving a toddler. Not only did this story put an end to my...


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